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America's Favorite Truck is ready to Backup America's Men in Blue


Here in the Hampton area, where we appreciate well-made, high-quality pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 has been a longtime favorite. We're big fans of the F-150 here at Wynne Ford, and we're happy to hear that our favorite truck will soon be available to police departments across the country.

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Experience the Advantages of Aluminum at Wynne Ford

The Ford F-150 has long been an icon of toughness in the pickup truck world. Instantly recognizable one of the best-selling trucks each year, the Ford F-150 has enjoyed frequent success. For 2015 it was announced that the F-150 would be constructed from a new, high-strength aluminum alloy, and many drivers hesitated at the announcement. Aluminum is widely thought of to be less durable than steel, but with one simple and entertaining video, Ford has proven otherwise.

Featuring top athletes doing their best to use their respective sports to dent the bed of a 2014 steel-constructed F-150 and a 2015…

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