America's Favorite Truck is ready to Backup America's Men in Blue


Here in the Hampton area, where we appreciate well-made, high-quality pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 has been a longtime favorite. We're big fans of the F-150 here at Wynne Ford, and we're happy to hear that our favorite truck will soon be available to police departments across the country.

Ford announced this summer that they have designed a new V6, 375-horsepower, crew-cab Ford F-150 Police Responder. Add that kind of power to our local police departments and you have one unstoppable crime-fighting duo.

The police F-150 isn't quite ready to hit the streets, however. It still needs to be approved by police departments and labelled as "pursuit-ready." But, we're sure our favorite truck won't have any problems passing the test.

If you've never tried out the civilian's version of the F-150, stop by and visit us on West Mercury Boulevard. We have a selection of F-150 styles and trims on hand and there's bound to be something in our collection that you'll love.

Wynne Ford is open Monday through Saturday.

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