Wynne Ford Encourages a Safe Road Trip!

There's a certain romance to planning a trip, then setting off on the open road and traveling wherever your heart desires. It's practically a rite of passage for most Americans to do this and we at Wynne Ford want you to be prepared.

First things first, check your tire pressure and see if you need an oil change. These two basic steps are essential to smooth car journeys. Come on in to Wynne Ford for your oil change and we will also give it a 20-point inspection making sure it's safe and ready for peak performance.

Using your smart phone is the best guidance there is. Still even with turn by turn directions its always good to have a backup plan. A roadside map is handy. Also, if you have your route planned out, we'd suggest printing out directions before you leave.

Wherever you're headed, it's the journey that counts. Drive on.

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