The 2018 Ford Fiesta Makes a Good Thing Even Better

We here at Wynne Ford are so excited about the upcoming 2018 Ford Fiesta. Improving on an already superb vehicle, Ford has included some great new features in the 2018 version; upgrades include new driver safety features and a more upscale interior.

Proving bigger isn't always better, the 2018 Ford Fiesta packs a real punch within its small frame. Depending on what model you buy (entry level is likely to return with a base 1.6-liter normally aspirated 4-cylinder, while the Fiesta ST is powered by the supercharged version of that same engine) you'll notice improvements in both performance and agility.

No matter how long you spend riding in this car, you'll notice the benefits of the new Fiesta almost immediately. The interior has been upgraded with higher quality materials, ergonomically designed controls, and more equipment (including a 6.5 or 8-inch touchscreen depending on what model you buy). Increases in space and reorganization of the existing features leaves you with the impression the car is much larger than it actually is. Driving the Fiesta has been made easier as well, thanks to the 360-degree backup camera, automatic high beam lights, and a pedestrian-detection camera equipped with automatic brakes.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta also gets fantastic gas mileage; depending on if you are driving in the city or on the highway it will get between 35 and 42 mpg. With gas prices hovering between $2 and $3, that can't be beat.

To learn even more about the Ford Fiesta, or to arrange a test drive, please call us at Wynne Ford. We think you are going to love this car as much as we do!
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