A Peek at the Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford announced in a recent press release that it will launch its Ford Co-Pilot360 with its 2019 SUVs, trucks, and cars. This is a package of standard driver-assist technologies that provide you and your passengers with outstanding protection. Our staff at Wynne Ford in Hampton always try to keep our consumers informed about the features offered with our models, so you can find out more about the Ford Co-Pilot360 below.

Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection is equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot360. This feature helps you avoid frontal collisions by monitoring for when vehicles and pedestrians get too close to your vehicle. When a potential frontal collision is detected, it will provide you with a visual and audible warning and may also apply the automatic emergency brakes when needed.

With the Ford Co-Pilot360, you also get a Blind Spot Information System. This system can detect when a vehicle enters your blind spot zones and will provide you with a warning on the side-mirror if one is detected.



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