Your Radiator and Cooling System Keep Your Vehicle Running Well

It is no secret that after a long drive your car gets very hot. This is because the engine of your vehicles is run literally by tiny explosions which make your car move. But mechanical equipment does not operate most efficiently when it overheats so a car must have a cooling mechanism. This is why we here at Wynne Ford want to ensure that you know the basics about your radiator and cooling system.

The radiator utilizes coolant to take the heat generated by the engine and dissipate it to the surroundings by using cooling fins. In addition to at your annual inspections, cars should be taken in for servicing if coolant or antifreeze is seen pooling underneath your car. This can mean that there is a leak which in the long run will cause your engine to overheat and could drastically decrease the lifetime of your vehicle.

If you feel you need your vehicle serviced feel free to pay our service center in Hampton, VA today!

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