Why Should You Only Use Proper Windshield Wiper Fluid?

The water in the washer reservoir may have worked during the summer, but now that the colder temperatures are settling here in Hampton, Virginia, that water needs to be replaced with proper windshield wiper fluid. These are some of the things to consider when winter arrives, and the Wynne Ford service team can help you discover why you should only use proper windshield wiper fluid.

The detergents in the windshield wiper fluid are going to break up things like dead bugs or bird dropping in your field of vision. If you used water in the washer tank, it would only smear around these contaminants until you couldn't see clearly. The windshield wiper fluid does contain small amounts of antifreeze that helps the solution to stay in liquid form even as the temperatures were to drop well below the freezing point. This is better for all the working parts of the windshield cleaning system too. Take a few minutes and visit our Ford service center in Hampton so we can replace the water in the reservoir with some top-rated windshield wiper fluid.

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