Safe And Secure Ride In The Ford Transit

Even with a full passenger load, the Ford Transit is a fun vehicle to drive and one that has a lot of power for having six cylinders. Seats are trimmed in leather, making passengers feel like they in a luxury vehicle instead of a transit van. An EcoBoost feature enhances the fuel mileage, which is beneficial because of the size of the vehicle.

While you're driving in Hampton, you'll notice that there isn't a lag in acceleration that you might expect from similar vehicles. Steering response is fast and usually accurate so that you can get your passengers to their destination with ease.

Driving the Transit often feels like you're in a smaller vehicle because of the increased power and the stability from the wheels. There is an option to get larger tires if you want a sturdy ride compared to keeping the smaller tires on the wagon. Wynne Ford can assist with changing them if so desired.



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