The popular Ford Focus compact car is a versatile automobile, with great fuel economy, which comes in either Sedan or Hatchback. Featuring 2.0L engine with a 5-speed manual transmission, SYNC technology, and rearview camera, finding yourself inside a new Ford Focus will be easier than you may think.

SYNC technology integration makes life so much easier. When entering the Focus, and Syncing your phone accordingly, you will realize how much more connected you are with the Focus, making it simple to make calls, navigate, and most importantly keep your eyes on the road.

The reverse syncing feature that comes with the new Ford Focus is a key feature of the modern automobile. By notifying you when there is something behind you while reversing is a beautiful safety feature that comes to be valuable when there are kids behind you. If you want to know for yourself how all around great the new Ford Focus is, you should consider taking it on a test drive!



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