When the Ford says it builds trucks "Ford tough," the company isn't kidding. Ford puts a lot of effort into making sure models like the Ranger are durable. The Ranger embodies the ruggedness and reliability of the Ford name.

Modern technology allows Ford to run tests on the Ranger that would be unheard of years ago. The truck goes out on very rough trails with robots behind the wheels. These trial drives put the truck through a lot of troubles. Ford then reviews the performance to ensure the truck is up for adventurous treks once it hits the market.

As for power, the Ford Ranger has a lot of it. Adventure drivers might need to tow something. With the Ranger, the towing capacity ranks at a massive 7,500 lbs. Besides that, the truck comes with a stunning level of fuel economy.

Take no one's word on how the Ford Ranger performs. Come to see us at Wynne Ford and take one out for a test drive.


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