There are many good reasons that explain why Ford Edge continues to be enormously popular in the midsize SUV category. Our Wynne Ford team's geekier members think it's Edge's class-leading tech features. To prove their point, we selected two features for your info.

Automatic Headlamps

Ford Edge automatically turns on high beam headlamps when darkness approaches or visibility diminishes. It also dims the same headlamps when approaching oncoming traffic, sparing other motorists the blinding glare. This feature lets you keep your eyes on the road in Hampton or during longer excursions.

Back Up Like a Pro
Parking and backing up are arguably the two most difficult driving skills to master. Both require eyes in the back of your head, which you don't have... until now. Ford Edge's Rear View Camera turns on whenever you put Edge into reverse, offering a clear view of what's behind you and to either side. Contact our dealership today to test drive Ford Edge and explore its many spectacular tech features.


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