The completely redone Ford F-150 is a top name in the full-size pickup world. Its name is synonymous with power and performance. Learn why its tough features make it one of the most popular pickups for sale today.

To start, it is constructed from the same materials that the military uses to create tanks, jets and other vehicles. Its military-grade aluminum and steel frame is well-suited to withstand high-speed impacts from any side without putting you or your passengers at risk of injuries. It also features a pickup box that is built for hard work in mind. You can easily stow cargo like pallets or building materials in the back end without fazing its engine or steel frame. The pickup box is also lined with a tough, scratch-resistant liner that protects the body from dents and dings.

You can also get it with Ford's off-road package. This package makes the F-150 ideal for driving in fields, pastures and mountain trails.


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