The 2020 Ford Expedition is making a huge statement in the automobile industry, and here is why. This full-size SUV comes in a plethora of trims, hosts over 100 cubic-feet of cargo volume and has a high-powered engine that's more fuel efficient than its competitors.

The 2020 Ford Expedition comes packed with a ton of advancements, and these advancements are designed to enhance your drive. The SUV's dual-headrest rear entertainment system is great for long trips. Your rear seat passengers can even plug in a gaming system to this advanced piece of innovation. If you have a Qi-compatible device, then you can take advantage of the vehicle wireless media hub. Ford has thought of its all. There are also 12-volt power points, smart-charge USB ports as well as ambient lighting.

What more could anyone ever ask for in a modern-day SUV? Come and test drive the 2020 Expedition from our location today.


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