Smartest Wagon on the Road: Ford Transit

May 21st, 2021 by

Quickly becoming the preferred commercial passenger wagon, the Ford Transit is powerful, fuel efficient and big on tech and safety. Smart features are a favorite of our Wynne Ford team members, especially if those features enhance in-cabin amenities, comfort, convenience and passenger safety.

The Lane-Keeping System

Nobody sets out to drift across highway lanes, but unintentional drifting is a reality. The Ford Transit’s Lane-Keeping System helps you avoid this scenario. It’s one of many features included in Ford Co-Pilot 360, a collection of advanced tech features designed to enhance safety on the road. The Lane-Keeping System deploys steering wheel vibrations when it detects unintentional lane changing, the vibrations being strong enough to rouse your attention and help you avoid a collision.

EcoMode and EcoCoach

New on the Ford Transit is EcoMode with an EcoCoach feature. The feature lets you monitor your passenger wagon’s fuel economy over time. The feature even offers encouragement for eco-conscious driving behaviors, helping you preserve optimal vehicle health while reducing your carbon footprint.

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