The handling features of the Ford Mustang. The first thing we should discuss is that this car handles well and can handle a turn very well. It's not like driving on ice, it has good traction and doesn't slide around corners. This is due to its responsive steering which you can feel in your hands as you make turns. If you're looking for a car with excellent handling capabilities then this might be the one for you. Next we will discuss the Mustangs suspension.

The Mustang is a sports car so it has a sporty suspension setup. We think they have done a great job with this part of the Mustang as most people who test drive it come back impressed with its handling capabilities and cornering abilities. You can really feel how well it corners, you're able to lean into the turns and feel like you're driving a sports car. The Mustang also has an independent rear suspension which we think is very important for its handling capabilities.


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